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The lightsaber is considered to be one of the coolest weapons used in science fiction, and it’s also an item you can find throughout Star Wars. The glowing blade slices through anything and everything while making a cool noise when you swing your version around. The fascinating background behind these fantastic toys is interesting. They were originally designed for film use and also as toys for children who wanted to be like the characters at home.

There are a myriad of stories regarding the Lightsaber’s history. It’s been used in many battles and has gained power over time, evolving from basic to more complicated designs as technology advanced on its design. Some elements of the official canon were not mentioned, even though they were described elsewhere. This includes details about the colors that each lightsaber must have according to where they originated from. The reason for these omissions could have to do with the fact that Lucasfilm does not want any ambiguity within its universe . However, there are still many who prefer knowing every little detail so you’ll just need me to address all those fans demanding answers.

They were first created by the Dark Side

The lightsabers we love could have been precursors to something more powerful. However, force sabers were developed by Force Hounds working for an Infinite Empire. These crystals focused on dark energy were utilized by the inhabitants of the Infinite Empire as weapons , and later evolved into what we now call “lightsaber” blades.

Due to their connection with The Dark Side of The Force lots of people on the light side were reluctant to use the weapons. The Force Saber’s connection was also too powerful. If they possess one of these weapons, they can transform into someone fighting against evil.

There are many different swords

The standard lightsaber looks like an ordinary blade, however it can be modified by a variety of methods. One of these modifications is the term “lightship,” which instead utilizes strands from emitters attached close to its handle, instead of the one single emitter that is at the top to cut through anything you desire with precision accuracy.

It is necessary to have a battery pack for the First Lightsabers

The first lightsabers weren’t any different from the current models that we have nowadays. It was equipped with an inefficient battery pack which was prone to overheating and producing hot wires. This is not a surprise when you consider that the first version of this weapon was made in the earliest times of the world.

When the Sith developed a powerful power cell, which could be connected to their lightsabers, they could again push lightsaber technology forward.

A Lightsaber is able to cut through nearly everything

A lightsaber can do anything that it could not do in cutting through any type of material. Much like any other tool, or weapon, users of these lightsabers, particularly those opposed to them will do their best to ensure that they aren’t hurt by this powerful source of power.

With a myriad of different materials to pick from bounty hunters who are experts in Mandalorian iron can make use of any type of and form. Cortosis is one of the materials which can be used to short circuit lightsabers. However, it’s harmful for humans so they’re refined into armor? Phrik may also be resistant to swords from lightsaber blades but does nothing about them.

Amphibious Races Had A Challenge With Lightsabers

While there aren’t many factors that can stop an lightsaber’s ability to function but water is something that they should be aware of. A few drops of rain won’t cause damage, as the weapon will just heat up and melt under the surface. Then it will be submerged once more in liquid form and more securely covering all signs until next time.

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