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Yemen is currently in the grip of a crisis of human rights. Yemen is currently experiencing the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

16 million people are hungry every day in Yemen as well as a health system that has basically collapsed due to more than seven years of fighting there’s no other place to turn. There is no other source of help other than at home, dead or alive COVID19 virus sufferers are simply wasting away because medical professionals aren’t able to access their communities anymore; Too focused on fighting one another than trying to save lives.

The country’s squalid conditions have made it an ideal breeding place for sexual transmission of HIV. There are 4 million people living in a state of no permanent to call home, and can’t even feed their bodies since food prices are constantly rising even as wages remain low. and not enough money is put into making sure that basic necessities are met, like healthcare or clean water! Because of this, it is that the pandemic cannot be contained without international support. However, it is vital to act quickly before it is too late.

Although the Yemenite population has been fighting Cholera spread for some time, it is not yet in danger. With support from international organizations like World Vision UK and Save The Children US and COVID -19 being in place, it seems that there may finally be some promise on the horizon.

How can you help Yemeni people by donating to Welfare Trusts

These welfare trusts are able to provide water and food for millions of people in an age of great suffering. They also supply COVID-19 health kits, which can help avoid infection from this virus that has killed numerous people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts located in Yemen have worked tirelessly to the benefit of Yemen’s most vulnerable population over the last many years. They provide aid for those in need even when there is conflicts or difficulties getting to their destination. That’s why they’re crucial for international organizations.

It’s a difficult time for many people, and we are grateful that there’s help for people who require it. Its aim is to aid people get out of poverty by working with local partner organizations and providing cash, food, and other necessities.

Numerous generous donors have donated their time and money to help give women in Yemen an opportunity to start anew life. Hospitals for women’s health are funded by charitable donations. This means that all women can give birth to babies with no health problems or dehydration. Rehabilitation centers also provide post-birth medical care, which includes medication should it be required.

Many welfare trusts have been providing hygiene kits for families living in camps. They also distribute safe drinking water to schools and hospitals as a response.

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